About Me


I’m Steve Goodman. I’m a dad to my lovely daughters Isabelle and Olivia and husband to the amazing Lisa, and live in Warwickshire, UK.

I work as Principal Tech Strategist at Content and Code, a top Microsoft partner. I do Office 365, Exchange and Skype for Business stuff. You’ll find me either deep into a complex Exchange Hybrid implementation or in front of a crowd extolling the virtues of Office 365 Groups.

Outside of the day job you’ll find me speaking at user groups and events I help run – such as the Microsoft Cloud User Group and UC Day. You’ll also find me speaking at other events like MS Tech Summits and IT Unity Connect. I write the occasional book, blog regularly about Office 365 and Exchange Online related topics and help out on various forums, including Office 365 technical groups on Facebook which I help admin and on the Microsoft Tech Community.

My views and blog posts are my own and not the opinion of my employer.

If you’d like to contact me my email address is steve@goodman.net, find me on Twitter as @stevegoodman and on Google+